"Dani Kingsley is the house favorite at Sheri's Ranch Resort and Spa. Are you looking to stay at a Brothel that is also a Resort in Nevada? Dani Kingsley is waiting for you."

If you are looking to have fun with a lady close to Las Vegas, then come to Pahrump and visit me at Sheri's Brothel and Resort in Nevada. Sheri's Ranch Resort and Spa is unique because it has a separate hotel/resort for guests to stay in overnight. A brothel hotel - quite a unique concept. The legal prostitutes who are working at Sheri's Ranch cannot go into Sheri's Resort because it is a legitimate resort (which would be illegal!) but couples, ladies, and gentlemen can always come into Sheri's Ranch from Sheri's Hotel & Resort 24 hours a day to enjoy the legal pleasures that Sheri's Ranch provides.

Since Sheri's is a legal brothel in Nevada, there are some security measures. You do not enter through a typical hotel front desk - you enter through the parlor and security has to inspect your bags to ensure that you have no weapons that could be a danger to the legal working girls here at Sheri's.

Think of it - instead of paying a limo or cab driver $250.00 to drive you from Las Vegas to come to Pahrump Nevada (about an hour away) to go to Sheri's Ranch, you can rent a car, drive yourself here, and instead of using the money you would have spent on a hotel - spend it on a lady! Because if you book a big enough party at Sheri's Ranch, you get a gift certificate for a free night's stay at Sheri's Resort. The gift certificate is good for up to a year, or you can use it the same night you come to party with a lady at Sheri's.

Sheri's Resort & Hotel is also a full-service spa, complete with a masseuse and sauna for your pleasure. There is an outdoor swimming pool for the summer time and a jacuzzi which can be used year-round (heated) or you are welcome to use one of  the jacuzzi rooms inside Sheri's brothel during the colder winter months (but partying with one of the Sheri's Ranch ladies like Dani will cost you extra!)

There are one and two bed suites which have large TVs where you can even view the bar to see if someone like Dani Kingsley or one of her friends like Kimber, Bunny Luv, Christina Star, or Char might be waiting to talk to to somebody like you.

Sheri's Hotel Resort  is a great way to have fun with a lady and drink all the champagne or beer that you like with no worry of having to drive back to Las Vegas tired or get pulled over for driving drunk. It costs you much less to spend that extra money on having a jacuzzi party or dining room party with a lady outside of Las Vegas than it would to pay Las Vegas prices for a dinner and hotel experience.

Remember, Sheri's Ranch is the ONLY legal Brothel in Nevada that is also a full resort and hotel! By resort, what do I mean? Well there are tennis courts, volleyball, and 300 acres on which Sheri's Ranch is built. There is much more security coming to a hotel that is surrounded by an entire brothel. The Hotel is in its own very private courtyard, so you never have to worry about running into a familiar face in the lobby. This is why Sheri's Hotel is such a great place for public figures and celebrities to stay. It's the most confidential hotel you could think of to stay in, as we here at Sheri's Ranch truly value your privacy.

In fact, if you ARE a celebrity, politician, rock star, tv star, movie star, or other public figure, and wish for an experience so confidential that nobody even knows you are here - Sheri's Ranch & Resort can arrange everything for you! Security can escort you through a private back entrance - you can enter into one of our super private bungalows without ever having to set foot in the bar or the parlor. You could even request one of your own private lineups inside of one of our bungalows -the ladies would be escorted to you, or you could pick a lady from online and she could be escorted directly to your room. Our non-disclosure agreement would keep you in the clear, and you can enjoy your stay here with no worry of anybody knowing you ever set foot in a brothel.

Let Dani Kingsley treat you to an incredible evening followed by a relaxing hotel stay at Sheri's Ranch Resort and Spa. You won't regret it!

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